10 Tips For A Healthy White Smile

Dec 26, 2013

Here are 10 quick tips that will make sure your teeth are looking and feeling healthy. Remember, the key to a healthy smile is good oral hygiene.healthy smile tips

Oral Health Tips

  1. Buy a good toothbrush, electric or manual, that you are comfortable using and isn’t too worn
  2. Update a manual toothbrush every six months
  3. Clean your tongue! Use your brush to clean all parts of your mouth including the tongue.
  4. Occasionally brush your teeth with baking soda. Maybe once every two weeks. Baking soda has fluoride that can clear out bacteria and strengthen enamel.
  5. Stay away from dark colas, if you want to have a soda, drink something that isn’t as dark.
  6. Use an alcohol free mouthwash! A lot of mouthwashes that contain alcohol will dry out your mouth, which leaves your teeth more vulnerable. Your enamel need saliva to protect it!
  7. Floss, Floss, Floss! Flossing is important because it gets the hard to reach spots in your mouth that the bristles on your brush can’t reach. Every time you brush, you should floss as well.
  8. Brush twice a day everyday. The best times to do it are right out of bed and right before bed.
  9. Put on a song when you are brushing, and don’t stop until the song is over. Most songs are around three minutes long, which is the right amount of time to brush your teeth. It is a great way to monitor yourself.
  10. Keep in contact with your dentist and never skip a visit. Your dentist is trained to catch unhealthy problems in your mouth before they become a bigger issue!

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