5 Foods to Avoid With Braces

Dec 01, 2013

Some people are naturally born with straight teeth, and then there’s the rest of us that have to endure the struggle of braces. But, after a couple years of good upkeep, you’ll have a straight smile that will last the rest of your life (as long as you wear your retainer!). After you’re sent home with your new metal smile, there’s some habits you should avoid, including what you eat! Many foods can ruin or damage your braces, potentially damaging your teeth. Take care of your smile while it’s being aligned, and be sure to avoid these five bracket-destroying foods:

  • Ice: If chewing ice was a habit of yours, it’s now a thing of the past. Nibbling on ice is bad for your teeth no matter what- it can cause breakage or cracks. And, with braces, it’s detrimental. Brackets can easily be popped off and wires broken by chewing on hard ice. Ice can also damage nerves and cause you to be sensitive to cold foods.
  • Chewy Candy: Candies that require extensive chewing are not recommended for braces. Brackets can be ripped off or caught in the candy, and excessive sugars are damaging to your teeth.
  • Fruit: Okay, so you can eat fruit while you have braces. But, it’s important to eat it correctly. Biting into an apple isn’t a good idea anymore- your wires can bend and brackets can break. Make sure to cut all fruit (and most food, for that matter) into small pieces before chewing.
  • Hard Nuts and Seeds: Nuts and other seeds can easily get caught in your braces or knock off a bracket or two. Try to enjoy nuts in butters and spreads instead of snacking on them whole.
  • Soda: Soda can wear away at your enamel, and also wear out your braces. Soda is also the culprit of causing stains- it can build up around your brackets causing white spots once the braces are removed, and you won’t know it until you get them taken off! It’s best to avoid sodas and other sugary drinks while wearing braces.

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