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5 Popular Toothpaste Brands

Dec 01, 2013

Are you conscious about what kind of toothpaste you purchase? Recently, advertisers conducted a study and found that most people purchased the same brand of toothpaste that their mother used. However, it is important to understand the differences and unique qualities of each brand. Each one is designed to alleviate certain problems. Here is a quick analysis of the 5 of the most popular brands on the market today:

11. Colgate

Colgate is the brand most widely recommended by dentists. It contains fluoride which fights plaque and bacteria, repairs enamel, and halitosis (bad breath).

2. Crest

Crest is very similar to Colgate in brand recognition. It is also recommended by many dentists and does a good job fighting plaque. Crest is also the most widely accepted toothpaste for children.

3. Sensodyne

Sensodyne specializes in reversing tooth sensitivity. It also fights bacteria and bad breath but is primarily targeted at people who have particularly delicate teeth.

4. SuperSmile

Supersmile features the whitening agent Calproxâ in addition to fluoride and baking soda; this agent works to removes superficial stains such as coffee, tea and tobacco from both natural and bonded teeth. It is highly recommended to people who wish to whiten their teeth.

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5. Arm and Hammer

Arm & Hammer uses baking soda, a natural ingredient, to whiten teeth. They also make other whitening toothpastes as well as toothpastes that strengthen your teeth and enamel.

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