6 Things Your Mouth Must Have For A Perfect Smile (Part 1)

Oct 19, 2015

There is more to superb oral health than simply brushing and flossing your teeth. Over the course of your lifetime, your teeth may see some significant wear and tear. In order to prevent a mouth full only of gums in the future, take the time today to properly care for your oral health overall. While cosmetic dentistry is generally for aesthetic appearance, it is beneficial for your health as well. Cosmetic dentistry procedures help achieve a perfect smile while ensuring your mouth is as healthy as possible.


A Full Smile

Do you have gaps in your teeth, or are you missing whole teeth altogether? One of the quickest ways to improve your smile is to show off a full smile of teeth. Not only will this look dashing, but you’ll ensure your jaw’s strength is balanced due to an even pressure over all teeth.


Even Teeth

A perfect smile is a straight smile. And a straight smile means even teeth. When your teeth are different lengths, you can encounter some of the similar jaw strength issues as stated above. Your longer teeth will take on more pressure which can lead them to chip. If you have uneven teeth, stop by Lifetime Smiles for a consultation about veneers.


Well-Shaped Teeth

Now what does a well-shaped tooth look like? Maybe your teeth stopped growing and are too small for your mouth, or maybe they grew in at different sizes. Similar to the problems you can encounter with uneven teeth, misshapen teeth can lead to further jaw bone problems like dislocation or excessive pressure. Well-shaped teeth are all similar in size with both top and bottom rows matching.
Read on to part 2 of the 6 things your mouth must have for the perfect smile, and remember that here at Lifetime Smiles we guarantee your smile for a lifetime – all cosmetic dentistry procedures at our office in Austin have a lifetime guarantee.

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