6 Things Your Mouth Must Have For A Perfect Smile (Part 2)

Oct 23, 2015

To continue from our post earlier this week, these are the remaining three things your mouth must have for a perfect smile. Remember, Lifetime Smiles means we guarantee all cosmetic dentistry procedures in Austin for a lifetime!

White Teeth

One of the easiest ways to maintain the perfect smile is to keep your teeth pearly white! There’s a reason people say to smile bright. Teeth are easily stained by the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, and improper oral care. Don’t fret – whitening your teeth is quite simple with a quick visit to Lifetime for Venus Teeth Whitening.

Straight Teeth

Lifetime Smiles is happy to work with a local Austin orthodontist to ensure your teeth are straight and healthy. A common theme in part 1 of this blog was the necessity for straight, even, symmetrical teeth to ensure proper jaw strength throughout your lifetime. With crooked teeth your mouth does not receive proportionally even pressure which can lead to significant jaw problems in the future. Not only do straight teeth make your smile look fantastic, they are essential for the best oral health.

Be Gone, Gummy Smile!

We’re sure you’ve seen a cartoon featuring a grandparent without any teeth, saliva dripping from the gum line; we don’t want that to be you! If you don’t care for your teeth now, you won’t have teeth to care for later. Teeth are essential to our body’s health. Our mouth is the first step of our body’s digestive process. Without teeth, you cannot chew food to begin digesting; therefore, without teeth, you are forced into a limited diet. Not to mention those gummy smiles can be quite frightening to the youngins. Keep yourself healthy and your smile bright by properly caring for your teeth now!

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