7 Signs to Repair or Replace Your Partial Denture

Mar 01, 2022

Dentures have changed countless smiles throughout the decades. New-age dentures are more life-like, durable, and more comfortable than ever before. They are made from high-grade acrylic resin and metal to ensure that they serve you well. Dentures also come in several types, including full dentures, partial dentures, flexible partial dentures, and implant dentures.

Dentures need care every day, just like your natural teeth. How you care for your partial dentures in Austin, TX, will determine how long they will serve you.

But irrespective of how well you care for them, you are bound to visit our dentist in Austin, TX, to change them from time to time if they need repairs or replacement. Remember that partial dentures are not like natural teeth designed to last for a lifetime. So, it shouldn’t shock you when you have to repair or replace them.

Know When Your Dentures Need an Adjustment or Repair

Modern-day dentures can serve you for over a decade with proper care. However, you need to peel your eye for signs that show that your dentures are not working as they ought. If your dentures exhibit the following signs, visit our dentist near you:

  • Broken Dentures

Dentures can be durable and might even withstand the biting or chewing force, but they are not that strong to not break when they fall. The chances are when you drop them; they can easily break. There’s a temptation to assume that you can fix it without our dentist’s help. But, you might do more harm than good.

Whenever your denture breaks, contact us and schedule an appointment.

  • Cracked Dentures

There’s a possibility that the whole denture might not break when it drops, but a tooth may crack or chip. This is not really an issue in and of itself. However, when you continue to wear them, you risk getting hurt since the jagged edges can cut your lips, tongue, or cheek lining, which can cause irritation or infection. So, come to our office whenever you have cracked dentures.

  • Trouble Chewing

The main purpose of getting dentures is to restore your lost teeth’s functionality, including eating. It is understandable when you have trouble chewing during the first days. This is because this is the adjustment period. After several days, you should be able to chew using your new dentures.

But if you notice that your dentures are still uncomfortable and are irritating your mouth after they become comfortable, then it means that you need to get them readjusted.

Regular adjustments are critical since your gums and mouth might develop sores if you have ill-fitting dentures.

  • Changed Facial Appearance

Dentures are made to restore your facial appearance and not alter it. If you notice sagging, a sunken look in your jawline, wrinkles, or a more aged appearance, it could mean that the dentures need to be replaced.

  • General Discomfort

Dentures are not designed to cause any kind of discomfort in your mouth. If you experience any discomfort, such as soreness, uneven pressure, looseness, or pain, it means that your dentures don’t fit as they should. This means that they need to be readjusted or replaced.

  • Bad Breath

Dentures always need proper care each day to remove bacteria. But if you notice that you have bad breath even after thoroughly cleaning them each day, you might need to get the dentures checked. This might mean that the dentures have cracks that might cause bad breath.

  • Slipping or Loose Dentures

If you’ve been using dentures for some time and then you notice that they don’t properly fit anymore, you might need to get them changed or readjusted. This is because the shape of your gums has changed because of bone loss.

 Reasons for Denture Replacement

Look at some of the reasons that indicate why you need to replace dentures:

  • To reduce the occurrence of oral infections
  • To maintain your affected facial features
  • To improve your nutrition
  • To correct speech slur
  • To ensure that you are comfortable

A denture should boost your self-confidence, help you enjoy your meals, speak properly, and improve your facial aesthetics. So, if you take too long to replace your partial dentures in Austin, TX, you will deny yourself the benefits that come with replacing missing teeth.

You can contact us at Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry if you need to replace or readjust your dentures.

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