A Ton Of Facts About Your Tongue!

Oct 09, 2013

You’ve heard the importance of the tongue touted at you before. But why is it important? Are there things about the tongue that you don’t know? What are all those taste buds about? Here are some interesting facts about an organ you definitely couldn’t do without!

  • No single taste bud cell has the ability to differentiate between bitter and sweet. They work in conjecture with each other to do Dentistry Austin TX - A Ton Of Facts About Your Tongue!this.

  • Your tongue has the ability to heal faster than any other part of your body. When you burn your tongue on something hot don’t worry — it’ll be back to its functioning self before you know it. This also means that tongue piercings are the quickest to close once jewelry has been removed.

  • Even while sleeping your tongue works to move excess saliva to the back of your mouth to be swallowed.

  • The tongue is the only muscle in the body that is only connected to it at one end.

  • Half of the bacteria that can be found in your mouth is housed on your tongue.

  • The way your tongue is shaped, its sized and the dispersion and location of your taste buds is just as unique as your fingerprint.

  • Although it’s widely accepted that the ability to roll your tongue is genetically determined, studies with identical twins have proven that it isn’t.

Caring For Your Tongue

Keep that special, weird little organ healthy! Don’t ignore your tongue when brushing your teeth. Brushing your tongue or scraping it with a tongue scraper solves almost every case of halitosis, and helps remove bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Take caution not to burn your tongue, and if its pierced speak with a piercing artist about proper care and maintanence.

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