Are Your Gums Red, Swollen, or Bloody?

Feb 16, 2016

Part of maintaining good overall oral health includes taking care of your gums as well as brushing and flossing your teeth. Some people that neglect proper gum care contract a gum disease called periodontitis. It’s a disease that comes in different severities, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80 percent of all Americans are affected.In other words, half of the adults in the United States suffer from periodontitis, and it can affect children as well. Treatment is possible, but it may not be extremely pleasant at severe stages, which is why Lifetime Smiles offers sedation options for all periodontitis dentistry treatments.

In the less severe cases of periodontitis, people notice a redness of gums and bad breath, while the sufferers of the extreme cases may face gum recession, bone exposure, and tooth loss.

Many people neglect proper oral health habits because they can be seen as an inconvenience. A person that forgets to brush his or her teeth, floss, or care for gums on a daily basis is likely to contract an oral disease.

Periodontitis starts as gingivitis in its earliest stage, which causes red and bloody gums; if it is not treated, a more severe stage, mild periodontitis, occurs. This causes the gums to recede from the base of the tooth, allowing more plaque to collect and to infect the tooth.

The most severe stage of periodontitis, aptly named severe periodontitis, leads to bone loss.

The sooner periodontitis is recognized, the easier it is to treat. Whether it is gingivitis, mild periodontitis, or severe periodontitis, patients can count on Lifetime Smiles for treatment. The symptoms of periodontitis may be painful, which is why Lifetime Smiles offers sedation dentistry treatments to patients who would like to be more comfortable.

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