Battle Of The Sexes: Dental Health Showdown

Oct 03, 2013

The results of a study suggest that women generally take better care of their teeth and gums than men, and thus lower their risk for the complications that result from neglect like gum disease.Dentist Austin - Battle Of The Sexes: Dental Health Showdown


The study followed more than 800 participants in their late teens. First they were required to complete a written questionnaire that asked about their personal dental hygiene habits, general lifestyle and knowledge of dental health. Following this portion of the study participants then underwent a routine exam that checked for signs of periodontal disease or other harmful oral conditions. The results were in favor of women, who were considerably less likely to exhibit symptoms.


Woman proved more proactive in maintaining their dental health and seeking regular cleanings and check ups. They are also more likely to go through with scheduling treatments their dentists recommend they have following biannual appointments. During the oral exam they proved to have stronger indicators of tooth and gum health including:

  • Less dental plaque.

  • Less bleeding when gums were prodded.

  • Less calculus.

Women also proved to provide stronger responses during the written questionnaire portion of the study, proving themselves more knowledgeable about what proper oral hygiene entails and a generally better attitude about trips to the dentist.

Don’t let this get you down men! Through proper hygiene and habits excellent dental health is available to everyone! Don’t put it off! Man or woman, schedule an appointment with Dr. Arzegar of the Lifetime Smiles today and get yourself right!

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