Candy Buy-back Programs

Oct 30, 2013

It’s everywhere. In cabinets and pantries and open containers and buckets shaped like jack-o-lanterns. Halloween doesn’t mean a day of candy and sugary sweets– it means weeks. If you’re looking for away to limit your own or your kids’ post-Halloween candy intake, but couldn’t possibly just throw the stuff away, there is a solution! MDentist Austin TX - Candy Buy-Back Programsany dentists have candy buy-back programs that will take it right off your hands!

How It Works

For dentist offices that offer a program like this, it usually goes something like this:

1. Dentists designate a day on which you can bring in leftover Halloween candy. Many dentists will allow a week or so after Halloween before they schedule this day. This is so that kids (and parents alike) have some time to enjoy their earnings! Just not too much…

2. Families bring in leftover candy which is usually weighed. Dentists will work out a price per pound, or something similar, and pay those who have donated.

3. A lot of these programs will then in turn donate the candy to various charities, often ones that are sent to soldiers. Some programs will instead offer a certain donation to a charity for each pound of candy donated.

Many dentists are on the look for ways to interact with and give back to their community. If your dentist does not offer a program like this one, suggest it during your next appointment! They might welcome the idea, and you might have a place to drop off extraneous candy!

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