Check Out These Foods To Help Your Oral Health

Oct 19, 2016

Are you tired of hearing about all of the foods that will hurt you? Don’t you want to learn about foods that will help your teeth flourish, shine, and chomp happily away? Certain foods can either harm your teeth or help them. Learn about some yummy foods that will help your oral health instead of harm it. At Lifetime Smiles, we want to educate you about some foods that will help your teeth instead of impair them. Lifetime Smiles is a general dentistry office in Austin, TX. Are you in need of a local dentist who provides pediatric and general dentistry? Contact us to book an appointment and then read about all of the foods you can consume with no need for a feeling of guilt.

Four Foods That Are Great For Oral Health

Have you ever heard that saying: you are what you eat? Well, it’s very true when it comes to the things you put in your mouth. You are probably aware of the dangerous effects of tooth decay, sugary foods, coffee, and tobacco. However, what about the foods that increase your oral health positively? What foods are those? Read about them and begin to incorporate them into your diet to start seeing the changes in your teeth.


When you have a sweet craving it’s best to turn toward fruits instead of the typical chocolate and cookies. Turning to sugary foods will lead to cavities and weight gain, so avoid those by eating fruit, especially apples. Apples are yummy all-year round, but particularly crisp and fresh in the autumn. There’s just something about biting into a ripe apple that amplifies that fall taste in the air. In addition, to apples being delicious they are also high in fiber and water. When you bite into an apple your mouth begins to salivate and produce saliva, which is what rinses bacteria and food particles from your mouth. The texture of the apple also allows your gums to be stimulated and scrub your mouth clean of any bacteria debris that might be floating around after a meal. Apples will also tide you over until you are able to brush your teeth with toothpaste. If you don’t have time to brush your teeth, or you work a lot, pack apples to give your mouth a refreshing reset after your meal.


A quarter of almonds in your lunch or dinner will increase your calcium intake, protein, and fill you up. Almonds are a great snacking food because they are filled with nutrients, low in sugar, and are tasty in just about anything. Add almonds to a salad and receive all of the nutrients you need for having beautifully, healthy white teeth. You can buy them in bulk or smaller bags and keep in your desk at work or the car.

dreamstime_xxl_3668679Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are great all over, not only do they help keep your cholesterol level low and give you energy, it’s also great for your teeth. What are leafy greens exactly? Leafy greens are: baby spinach, kale, swiss chard, lettuce, broccoli, collard greens, cabbage, and mustard greens. Leafy greens should be incorporated in your grocery list because they are full of nutrients and low in calories. Leafy greens also have calcium, which is what maintains your enamel. Adding leafy greens can be difficult to do when you don’t have time or don’t like leafy greens. However, by dropping a handful of spinach or kale into your meal or in a smoothie, you’ll be good to go.


Cheese comes in many different types and a person can find just about any cheese that they will love. Granted, this tip is not for lactose intolerant people or vegans. Cheese has calcium and protein, which both strengthen tooth enamel. Cheese is also linked to raising the pH level in your mouth and will lower tooth decay. Similarly to eating apples, when you eat cheese the saliva in your mouth begins to increase and rinse your mouth out of bacteria.

Incorporate all of these deliciously oral health positive foods into your shopping list the next time you go to the grocery store and begin to see the difference in your teeth. In addition, the next time you need a check-up for your teeth come visit Lifetime Smiles and meet he dentist.

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