Consider Cosmetic

Sep 27, 2013

Even if you have a healthy, functioning smile you might find yourself dissatisfied. We all have something minor that bothers us about ourselves, but what if that thing is your smile? If you feel it necessary to smile with closed lips and find yourself hiding behind a closed mouth, consider the cosmetic procedures available to you. Not every dental problem is health-based. How your smile looks is just as important as how well it works!

Gum SurgeryAustin TX Dentist - Consider Cosmetic

Gum surgery is the best way to correct gums that are too high (giving the appearance of “too much teeth”) or gums that are too low (“too much gums”). Low gums can make your teeth appear small, and gum recession can expose the roots of teeth and actually pose a real threat to your mouth’s health.

Tooth Reshaping/Contouring

Tooth reshaping can resolve small malformations in individual teeth. Very light filing can align the bottoms of your teeth. During tooth reshaping a very thin layer of enamel is removed to create the surface, length or shape of tooth that you desire.

Stained Teeth

Stained, darkened, yellow or dull teeth can be whitened and brightened through in house procedures or at home through the use of a whitening kit. If you’re hiding your otherwise beautiful smile consider a whitening procedure immediately! For such a discouraging problem, stained teeth have a relatively quick fix.

If you’re looking to receive any of the above treatments, or are finding fault with your smile in another area, call Dr. Arzegar of the Lifetime Smiles today and set up a consultation. The look of your smile is important!

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