Dental Hygiene Tips For Your 3-6 Month Old

May 25, 2016

dreamstime_17665615Like most children between the ages of three and six months, your infant likely just received or is about to receive his or her first tooth. Do you know how to take care of that tooth to ensure good oral health and a healthy smile for years to come? Your local Austin dentist has some tips on how you can care for your child’s teeth at home.

How To care For Your Child’s First Teeth

Take a moistened cotton swab or warm washcloth, and gently clean your child’s teeth after each and every meal. This will help your child get used to having something in his or her mouth. After this, and upon recommendation from your dentist, graduate to a small, soft toothbrush. However, don’t add toothpaste to your child’s brushing routine until at least two years of age. Whatever system you develop, make sure that you aren’t missing any of your child’s teeth. We suggest starting from the molars in the back of his or her mouth and working forward by gently pulling back the lips.

Additional Oral Health Tips For Your Child

  • The most important time to clean your child’s teeth is bedtime.
  • It’s okay to bring a comfort item to the dentist with your child while he or she is getting accustomed to everything.
  • You should change your child’s toothbrush every two months, and always change it after he or she has been sick, too.
  • Stop allowing your child to use his or her pacifier after he or she has reached one year of age. Prolonged usage of pacifiers can cause an increase in ear infections or an open bite.

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