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Dental Jingles Through The Ages

Feb 23, 2016

Catchy dental jingles are what make visiting the dentist fun and make great oral health habits applicable to home life. We’re happy when kids and parents are dancing around the house brushing teeth and singing jingles.

Best Dental Jingles from the Past


“Brush ‘em, brush ‘em, brush ‘em
Here’s the new Ipana
With the brand new flavor
To stop decay germs best!”

The iconic toothpaste commercial from the ‘50s and ‘60s of Bucky Beaver riding a spaceshuttle of Ipana toothpaste was made quite popular by the movie Grease when Jan sings this catchy jingle to her girlfriends during the sleepover at Frenchie’s. Everyone gets the song stuck in their head and subconsciously knows that toothpaste helps stop decay germs and cavities – a win, win!


“You’ll wonder where the yellow went
When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!”

This commercial from the 1960s features a few fellas acting seemingly impressed by the white color and fresh breath of the stunning Suzy Q who struts down the streets.


“The smile on your face is there because
You know that your mouth tastes great
And it’s nice when your teeth are getting strong
And the clean in your mouth is Colgate.”

Travel forward in time a few decades to the 1980s Colgate commercial that features the western family dancing around the farm and truly enjoying life in each other’s personal space because they’re not worried about the bad breath or weak or dirty teeth inside their mouths.

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These types of jingles are fun for our dentist, team, and community to watch because they remind us that brushing teeth is what adds a very simple piece of happiness to our day.

We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane!

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