Dental X-Ray Myths

Dec 22, 2013

The internet is full of myths alongside facts, and one has to be able to distinguish between what is fact and myth online. This includes what you may read online about X-rays. In fact, some people completely avoid trips to the dentist just to avoid having X-rays done. Check out these facts about X-rays below, straight from our dental practice’s site, to help you debunk any myths or rumors you’ve heard about X-Rays.

The Radiation Will Give You Cancer

An  X-Ray at your dentist’s office does not emit enough radiation to damage your health. While exposure to high levels of radiation can cause cancer, this is not a risk when you’re visiting the dentist. All the same, your dentist will provide you with protective precautions, such as a lead covering, to protect you from any radiation exposure. This fear is more common among parents or the elderly, as radiation emitted from dental X-Ray machines today is 220 times less than it was 30 years ago. As such, there was reason to be concerned about radiation exposure in the past, but similar concerns today have become obsolete.

It’s Just a Way For Dentists to Charge You More

X-rays are sometimes medically necessary. While not needed for every visit, they are important to have from time to time in order to keep track of teeth movements, particularly wisdom teeth among youth. It helps your dental care provide give you the most accurate diagnosis possible as well as providing them with valuable evidence to make an informed decision.

Breast Feeding

Studies have found X-rays have no effect or undue influence on breast milk. Ironically, its more risky than helpful, as women should be screened by a healthcare professional in a process that involves X-rays to determine if they should be breast feeding.

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