Dentist Caught Sleeping During Procedures

Oct 11, 2013

Napping on the job is never okay, but when you’re doing it a couple rooms over from the oral surgery you’re supposed to be administering, it’s particularly unacceptable. A Brooklyn dentist has been charged with serious neglect by a former employee who says the dentist relied on his college-student employees to take over his scheduled procedures while he napped down the hall. Someone needs a cup of coffee and a new profession!Austin Dentistry - Dentist Caught Sleeping During Procedures

Other former employees said that the dentist spent the majority of his time out of office, but when he was there he watched movies or napped in back rooms. Nearly all of his tasks were passed to younger, unlicensed employees. On top of all of that, he was known for ordering and performing root canals that weren’t completely necessary as a way of bringing in more profit. Many dental assistants were left to perform various treatments and procedures without any sort of necessary supervision. This particular Brooklyn dentist is also said to have had his wife sign him into an extended professional learning course that allowed him to keep his license, although he wasn’t present for any of it.

Although this particular nightmare of a dentist’s office sounds extreme, there are similar cases of malpractice to be found all over.

Here are a couple of tips that should clue you into whether your dentist is going to be there for you throughout your doctor-patient relationship or whether they’re already asleep one room over.

  • The dentist should always be willing to discuss possible treatments and what they will entail. A good and dedicated dentist will have time set aside for questions just like yours and be happy to answer them.

  • Dentists, just like any other sort of doctor, have to be ready for some emergencies that might occur outside of office hours. Make sure your dentist has a plan for things like this, and an easy way to contact him. This is a sign of a dentist who, while setting boundaries, has made a real effort to let his patients know they’re taken care of.

If you’re looking for all of these qualities in a dentist they can be found in Dr. Arzegar of the Lifetime Smiles! Call today and schedule a free consultation.

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