Do You Have A Dental Emergency?

Apr 15, 2016

dreamstime_xxl_48687302Do You Need To See An Emergency Dentist?

If you’ve never experienced a dental emergency, it can be frightening. Many people are unsure of what even constitutes a dental emergency, what they can do, and who they should call. Your trusted dentist in Austin at Lifetime Smiles has some guidelines to follow to determine how to handle your dental emergency.

Is Your Dental Emergency Urgent?

Some dental emergencies are urgent while others aren’t, and it’s hard for many people to know the difference.

Examples of urgent dental emergencies:

  • Bleeding that you cannot stop
  • A permanent tooth that has become loose or has been knocked out
  • An injured jaw
  • Painful swelling that will not go away
  • A painful toothache that will not go away

Most dentists will have an emergency number listed on their business cards or websites. If you’re unable to reach your emergency dentist in Austin for whatever reason, go ahead and visit the emergency room.

Examples of non-urgent dental emergencies:

  • A lost crown, dental filling, or bridge
  • A broken or cracked tooth (unless you’re experiencing severe pain)
  • A broken or damaged night guard or retainer
  • Food lodged between your teeth
  • A dull toothache

If you’re experiencing one of the above non-urgent dental emergencies, you should still contact your dentist as soon as you can. However, it isn’t imperative that you see your dentist immediately.

Dental emergencies aren’t fun and should always be taken seriously. Knowing how to handle them can make all the difference! If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call your local dentist at Lifetime Smiles.

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