Easy Ways To Maintain Your Dental Health Between Checkups

May 05, 2016

dreamstime_xxl_49710079Easy Ways You Can Maintain Your Teeth And Gums At Home

We all know that brushing and flossing your teeth as well as avoiding certain foods are great ways to keep your teeth, gums, and overall mouth healthy. Your trusted local dentist has some tips on what else you can do to keep your teeth white and your mouth happy and healthy.

Eat A “White” Diet

If you think about it, you already know this: certain foods tend to stain our teeth more than others. Consider the way your mouth looks after a night of drinking red wine or how someone’s teeth look after years of coffee drinking. Try to avoid foods that stain your teeth and eat and drink “white” foods to keep your teeth whiter for longer. For example, try out white wine instead of red wine and cut back on that coffee intake!

Avoid Sugary And Acidic Foods

Limit acidic foods like sodas and fruit juice to keep your teeth healthy and maintain overall good oral health. Why? These things are very well-known to cause cavities and holes in your teeth. Why not avoid them altogether and drastically reduce your risk of seeing the dentist more often than you already do?

Use Food To Clean Your Teeth

Eating specific foods can actually clean your teeth and help them! Foods like raw carrots, celery, pears, and apples are great options not only for the health of your teeth, but for your overall health, too. Eating one of these items each day after your main meal will help remove plaque buildup.

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