Erosion = Beautiful Landmarks, Terrible Teeth

Oct 14, 2013

Erosion has helped create some of our planet’s most beautiful landscapes. The Grand Canyon was formed primarily through erosion caused by the Colorado River. Erosion is not something you want going on in your mouth. If your teeth undergo erosion something far less beautiful than the Grand Canyon will result. Here’s a little information about the erosion acid causes in your mouth and what to do to avoid its negative side effects.

What Is Acid Erosion And What Causes It?Austin Dentist - Erosion = Lovely Landmarks, Terrible Teeth

Acid erosion is when the acid from:

  • Acidic foods like citrus fruits and certain vegetables

  • Acidic drinks like sodas, fruit juices, lemonades and alcoholic beverages

  • The stomach (from health issues like eating disorders or acid reflux)

is exposed to the tooth’s enamel for an extended period of time that results in a softening of the tooth’s outer layer of protection. This causes the enamel to lose some of its mineral content and essentially erode.

Those suffering from acid erosion may have sensitive teeth that appear slightly transparent. The way a person eats or drinks can put them at higher risk for experiencing acid erosion. People who like to swish their drinks or hold them in their mouths before swallowing expose their enamel to the acidic substance longer. Other habits like:

  • Snacking regularly throughout the day

  • Sucking on hard candies

Avoiding Acid Erosion

It’s relatively easy to avoid acid erosion. Dentists sternly recommend to avoid brushing your teeth after consuming anything with a higher acid content as this often works it into your teeth. Instead rinse after meals and try to limit your intake of foods with a higher acid content. Drink plenty of water and chew gum to stimulate saliva production, your teeth’s natural cleaning substance.

If you think you may be experiencing acid erosion call Dr. Arzegar of the Lifetime Smiles today and get your teeth checked!

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