Foods That Benefit Your Teeth Part II

Aug 27, 2015

In continuation of our previous blog, “Foods That Benefit Your Teeth,” we’ll be discussing more foods that can aid your tooth health. Here’s part II of beneficial foods for your dental and oral health, as presented by your local dentist here in Austin:


Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C. While most fruits are acidic – and may reduce your tooth enamel – strawberries are less acidic, and the Vitamin C in strawberries can boost your gum health. Vitamin C is necessary to produce collagen – a necessary building-block protein utilized by your gums.


Okay, it’s not a food per se, but water is great for your teeth. Drinking water clears away food debris, and drinking enough water throughout the day will boost the amount of saliva you produce. Saliva is an integral part of oral health, since it maintains your enamel. Water’s also good for your gums… and your whole body!


Foods that are crunchy like carrots may aid in reducing plaque. Plus, crunchy foods get blood flowing to the gums – further aiding tooth health and gum health.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are full of the good stuff. With the vitamins and minerals packed into leafy greens, your whole body will be happy – including your teeth. Greens have calcium!


Meat contains phosphorous which is crucial for enamel strength. So chow down on meat and eggs, and go for fish, as fish is especially healthful!

Raw Sugar-Free Cranberries

Cranberries are crammed with polyphenols – which keep your teeth plaque free. However, you’ll need to find sugar-free cranberries, since most cranberries come packaged with added sugar!

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