Foods That Benefit Your Teeth

Dec 18, 2013

Your parents might have always told you not to eat candy and sweets because they might rot your teeth. However, few people will ever tell you to eat or drink something because it’s good for your teeth. Check out what foods and drinks to look out for to get a oral health boost in your for teeth


High in fiber, this vegetable takes long to chew and as a result helps clean your teeth of debris. The longer chewing time aids in saliva production as well, which promotes healthy pH levels within the oral cavity. Higher levels of saliva also dilute plaque produced acid in your mouth which leaches minerals from your teeth.

Dairy Products

Foods such as cheese, milk, and yogurt provide valuable nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D that aid in remineralizing teeth. Everything you would eat to grow tall goes hand-in-hand with what you would eat for healthy teeth. The calcium itself also combines with plaque to better protect your teeth from acid attacks.


Found in many sugar-free gums, studies have found that the sugar substitute contributes to killing off certain streptococcus bacterial strains. Chewing the gum itself also promotes saliva production to neutralize acids and clean any debris left after meals. However, there have been studies that find chewing gum too often can contribute to jaw conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).


Fish such as salmon and Atlantic mackerel provide vitamin D, which contributes to your body’s ability to absorb and utilize calcium. As such it helps you make the most of your calcium intake. These fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids which promote brain health, and are low in fat while high in protein and other nutrients.

Green & Black Tea

Molecules referred to as polyphenols found in tea slow the growth of bacteria in the mouth that produce sulfur compounds which cause bad breath. Tea is also a source of natural fluoride, further adding to the dental benefits of tea through removal of plaque and remineralization of teeth. Green tea also has a further advantage in that it contains antimicrobial molecules called catechins, which aid in killing bacteria that result in periodontal disease.

With a healthy diet and regular dental visits, you can maintain proper dental health. If you have any questions on what more you can do to promote tooth health through diet, contact Lifetime Smiles today for a free consultation.

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