Getting The Most Of Your Visit: Dental Appointment Tips

Sep 30, 2013

Most likely you only make a trip to the dentist twice a year. Do you never leave feeling you got exactly what you needed out of the visit? Whether it be answers, treatment or reassurance, you have to learn to take what you need! Here are some tips for a smooth and successful dental visit.

Know What You Want To KnowAustin TX Dentist - Dental Appointment Tips

If your appointment will consist of anything other than a regular cleaning/check up (or even if that’s all it is!), be sure to take time prior and ask yourself if there’s anything you’re curious about or would feel better knowing.

  • Make a list. Actually sit down and write out the questions you want answers about.

  • Remember that no question is beneath an answer! If you’re curious about something your dentist is who you should feel comfortable coming to to ask about it. Chances are your dentist will appreciate someone who takes as much interest in dental care as they do!

  • Asking about instruments and their purposes can help reduce any anxiety you might be experiencing.

Prepare For Your Procedure

Sometimes, unfortunately, whatever you may need done at the dentist promises some amount of discomfort. If you know you’ll be undergoing a procedure like this, preparation is the key!

  • Communicate with your dentist. Never be afraid to say, “Yes, I can feel that,” or express to them that you are uncomfortable. Come up with a signal (e.g. a raised hand) to alert them that you need to say something or need a break.

  • Take an over the counter pain medication prior your appointment. It will numb your pain receptors during, and aid in alleviating any soreness after.

If you don’t feel completely comfortable with or satisfied by your dentist call Dr. Arzegar of the Lifetime Smiles today and schedule a free consultation!

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