Going Under: Dental Anxiety And Sedation Dentistry

Sep 25, 2013

Dentist. If just the word gets you quivering, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve had a bad experience you’re not looking to repeat, or whether you just can’t stand the smell, the onset of anxiety prior a dental appointment gives you just another reason to dread your visit. Here are some tips to ease the fear and anxiety that might accompany a necessary trip to the dentist:

  • Get to know your dentist. If you know your dentist as a person, and not just a monster with tools, you’ll build a trusting relationship. The more you trust your dentist the less likely you are to fear them. We’re not saying seek them out for weekend plans, but many dentists are open to a call prior your visit to discuss what the appointment will consist of.

  • Tell your dentist about your anxiety. Just being aware that you’re a little more on edge than another patient can mean your dentist treats you with a different level of sensitivity. Set up a signal to alert your dentist if you need a break during a procedure.

  • Consider what appointment time would be best for you. If you can sleep through any night-before anxiety then schedule it for early morning. You’ll have little time to ruminate before actually going in. Or maybe you’d do better with an afternoon appointment, engaging in a relaxing activity prior.

  • Bring music to listen to if your anxiety is worsened by the noises of procedures or cleanings.


If you know your anxiety to be a little more stubborn and can’t imagine any of these tips bringing you relief consider sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry, involving various amounts of anesthesia, gives patients whose anxiety is more deep set a chance to receive high quality dental treatment without any of the complications their fear creates. Prior undergoing any sort of sedation dentistry treatment you should discuss options with your dentist thoroughly and decide which would be most appropriate for you.

The Lifetime Smiles has an in house anesthesiologist offering patients a full range of sedation dentistry options. Call today and schedule an appointment.

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