Help Your Child Enjoy Going To The Dentist – Part One

Sep 28, 2016

For your child, going to the dentist may be one of the scariest things for them to do. Having a fear of the dentist is normal when children are young, even some adults still have a fear of the dentist. It’s no fun having someone poke around in your mouth and then relay some bad news about having a cavity, or worse. Lifetime smiles is an adult and pediatric dentistry office. We are located in Austin and specialize in pediatric and general dentistry as well as many other services. To help your child overcome their fear of the dentist, check out some tips.


Imagine how fearful your child is every time you mention that there will be a trip to the dentist. This tip still helps me when I go to the dentist. Keep it simple and easy. When your child gets in the chair, don’t give your child false hope as they sit waiting for the inevitable, instead help them relax. Bring some of their favorite books or toys. Keep them distracted until the dentist arrives, and our pediatric dentist will know that they need to be quick, simple, and easy about treating their young patient.


In addition to encouraging your child to relax, bring something to distract your child. You know your child the best, so bring something that will keep them occupied. When you are leaving for the dentist, avoid bringing it up too much. If you give too much information, your child could become very anxious and fearful and the distractions won’t work. Instead, let them have their videogame, tablet, or book to occupy their time in the car, and once you’ve arrived, reveal what you will be doing. Encourage them with a positive attitude, and allow them to continue with their activity. Distractions works well in keeping your child’s mind occupied so they aren’t thinking about what’s to come with the appointment.

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