Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth

Apr 01, 2019

Teeth play a crucial role to look attractive and in overall nutrition and general health. They allow you to follow a healthy diet and stay well nourished by the food you eat for swallowing and digestion. However, loss of teeth can have many hidden consequences:

Facial cosmetic problems

The deterioration of the jaw bones affects the appearance of how the face looms over the bone. Facial sagging makes one look older, which is due to shrinkage in the upper and lower jaw bones, and this can also affect the person emotionally.

Shifting Teeth

The teeth are firmly implanted in the jawbone. But they can start shifting with time, especially if you have a missing tooth, the shift is much faster. Adjacent teeth will try to shift, make a space and fill the gap where the tooth is missing. This shift leads to incoordination, which means all your teeth could end up becoming crooked.

Bone Loss

Once a tooth is separated from the jawbone, the jawbone begins to lose bone mass in that area. Teeth usually stimulate and support the growth of bone material in the jaw. When the jawbone gets deteriorated and does not support the muscles, they could easily become worst. It is thus important to take good care of teeth if you want to avoid having a reduced jawbone.

Gum Disease

When one loses teeth, it also leads to gum diseases. The bacteria have a wider surface area to infest. Besides that, flossing becomes almost impossible. This leads to a domino effect; the adjacent teeth also fall of.

A higher risk of heart disease and general health problems

When someone loses teeth continuously, it affects the ability to bite and carry a higher risk of gum disease. Tooth loss has also been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease.

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