How Can Your Mouth Affect Your Overall Health?

Dec 24, 2013

Are you curious about how your mouth can contribute to your overall health? Well, with certain diseases, particularly gum disease, it can negatively affect it in some a pretty serious fashion. Here are three conditions that may be impacted by your oral health.

  • Pregnancy-  Infections and inflammations are never good for a woman during pregnancy.  They have the ability to interfere with a fetus’ development.  Inflammation and infections in the mouth can also lead to a variety of diseases that can result in serious problems for the fetus’ well-being.
  • Diabetes- Your gums can be linked to diabetic problems. They can complicate diabetes by making it harder to keep blood sugar under control. The inflammation that comes with gum disease  can negatively affect the body’s ability to exercise insulin—the most important hormone that translates sugar into energy.
  • Heart Disease- Gum disease has also been linked to heart disease. Nearly 90 percent of patients with heart disease also suffered from gum disease. Many doctors have accepted the notion that gum disease can raise your risk for heart disease on its own by causing inflammation in the blood vessels.Those inflamed vessels can possibly lead to high blood pressure, a heart condition,and, worst case scenario, a stroke.

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