How To Remember To Show Up To The Dentist

Oct 25, 2018


Have you ever had that feeling you’re forgetting something? Of course, you have! Everyone has experienced that feeling of knowing we forgot something, but are not able to remember what it is. One of the areas that can be easiest to forget is appointments. From appointments at the car garage to dental ones, it can be difficult to remember where you should be and what you should be doing with so much stuff going on.

Whether you’re a parent who has to be in five places at once or you’re a young professional who is working 24/7, it can be difficult to remember every single detail. For that reason, we’ve decided to go over some ways to remember to show up at the dentist for your appointment.

Remember To Keep Your Dental Appointment

Keeping your dental appointment can be difficult; however, when you take the time to keep track of them, you won’t have to go through the entire process of making another appointment and waiting a few weeks to have you oral health cared for. Many people forget their dental appointments because they do have a lot going on, so we provided a few ways to help you remember to keep your appointment and don’t be a no-call, no-show. On the other hand, if you’re afraid of going to the dentist, it can be your subconsciousness wanting to avoid facing your fears. Whether you’re afraid of the dentist or you’re a little forgetful, these tips will help you stay on track for beautiful, shiny teeth.

We’ll Remind You!

As most dental offices, we’ll take the time to remind you of your appointment. When you schedule your appointment, just let us know how you’d like to be reminded. Text message can be simple because every time you send a text, you’ll remember that you have an appointment. A phone call can also be simple because we’ll leave you a message or you’ll have the chance to talk to us to and ask any questions before you head in for your appointment. We’ll always take the time to remind you that you have a dental appointment coming up because we want to make sure that your teeth are healthy.

Write It On Your Calendar

Another great way to remember that you have an appointment coming up is to write it on your calendar. If you have a planner, work calendar, or you use Google calendar, making a note in your calendar can be exceptionally helpful to remind you that you have an appointment coming up. What’s neat about some phones is that when you text someone a reminder about an appointment, it’ll even add it to your calendar without you needing to do anything extra. We recommend that when you make the appointment, you write it down where you know you’ll look consistently.

Put It In Your Phone

Cell phones aren’t just for playing games and texting people! They are also a great way to remind yourself of things. Put it in your phone calendar or you can download one of the many apps that can double as an organizer. Your phone is with you all of the time, so of course, you’ll remember that you have a dentist appointment when your phone rings with a reminder or one of the many fun apps tells you that it’s time to get ready for your dentist appointment.

If you’re reading this and remembered that you need to visit the dentist, then just schedule an appointment. We make it easy when you choose Lifetime Smiles.

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