How To Remove A Worn Amalgam Filling

Dec 01, 2021

A lot of dentists used to add mercury to dental fillings. However, things changed when scientists found that mercury is toxic to the nervous system.

This practice started over a century ago. 50% mercury was used in the making of dental fillings. Surprisingly, some dentists still add mercury to the cheap dental filling that they give to their patients, which include children and pregnant women.

Mercury fillings have been banned in Europe. However, according to the American Dental Association, mercury poses no threat to the health of these people. People have had to carry mercury in their teeth for years, but now, more and more Americans are finding ways to have their mercury fillings removed.

There are safe ways to get rid of these mercury fillings. You can book an appointment with an amalgam removal dentist in Austin.

What is Dental Amalgam?

A dental amalgam can be called any of the following names; mercury filling, silver filling, silver amalgam, mercury amalgam, or just amalgam filling. It is an old technique used to fill cavities. The use of dental amalgams dates as far back as the 17th century. Dental amalgams are still in use till now. The American Dental Association approves dental amalgams, although people who use them are exposed to mercury vapors.

The vapor leads to mercury toxicity, which causes various health problems, including dementia, autism, miscarriage in pregnant women, and many more.

Is It Safe To Have Amalgam Fillings Removed?

In most cases of people who have had an amalgam filling, it is advisable to remove the filling. That means that there are exceptions where you do not need to remove the fillings. To know if you should remove your amalgam fillings, visit a dentist in Austin, TX, or any dentist near you to help you decide.

The dentist will help you weigh your options and know which one will be better for you. Some factors that the dentist will consider before reaching a decision include the mercury toxicity level in your blood, your age, the age of the filling, teeth grinding, and your lifestyle.

When you insert the filling and the time when it is removed are the times when you are most exposed to mercury vapor. If being exposed to excess mercury can cause immediate damage to your health, your dentist will have to advise you to continue using the filling.

The Safest Way To Remove Amalgam Fillings

If you will remove your amalgam fillings, the best way to get this done is by using the SMART method. Here are the procedures for this process.

  1. A rubber barricade is used to hold your mouth in place.
  2. Everyone present in the room (the dentist, yourself, and other medical staff) will have to cover their hair and skin with disposable material.
  3. A HEPA filter and a high-pressure vacuum are placed over you.
  4. Chlorella or activated charcoal will be used to remove all the traces of mercury in your mouth. Sometimes, both chlorella and activated charcoal will be used for the process.
  5. Ozonated water will be used to clean the mouth afterward. It will also be used before the removal of mercury.
  6. The air purification system will be switched on to decontaminate the room.
  7. After this, the room must be clean and everyone can breathe oxygen through their nose. The procedure is over.
  8. You might be given chlorella or activated charcoal to clean your mouth again.
  9. Lastly, the medical staff will have to dispose of all the materials used for the procedure.

You can book an appointment with an amalgam removal dentist in Austin to know if you should get rid of your amalgam fillings and schedule a date for the procedure if you need to.

After the procedure, your dentist will give you guidelines on how to detox and your dietary requirement. You will need to avoid certain foods, and your dentist will provide you with the list.

You will also need to consider replacement options. Composite fillings are the best option for you because they do not contain mercury, and they do not have any side effects. Other materials that can be used to fill your cavity include composite resin, porcelain, zirconium, dental gold, and so on.

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