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Interpreting The Meaning of Different Types Of Smiles

Oct 17, 2013

How much is behind that smile? A smile is capable of conveying such a wide range of emotions. We smile when we’re amused, happy, embarrassed and sometimes sad. Use this guide to get an idea for what some of the different types of smiles might be trying to tell you.

Slow SmileDentist Austin - Interpreting Different Types Of Smiles

A smile that takes a little longer to fully spread is often thought of as being flirtatious and maybe playful. Because there’s more time put into this smile it’s said to have a little more thought behind it.

Smug Smile

A smug smile conveys just that– smugness. Often with this smile the lips are pursed together and slightly curved at the ends. Many times one side comes up just a little higher than the other, as if smirking. Relaxing the eyes till they close slightly is something else you might see with this smile. Overall the wearer looks pleased with himself and slightly amused.

Half Smile

A half smile makes the wearer appear skeptical, or disheartened. Sometimes half of the mouth will be curved upward while the other half almost dips downward. This is almost always accompanied by a furrowed brow. This smile can express contemplation, or pessimism.

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Wide Smile

A smile, in the truest sense of the word, with lips parted and teeth gleaming is often used to express joy, happiness or to laugh. This type of smile, if genuine, should always extend to the eyes which squint in response to the flexing of muscles.

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