Is Emergency Dentistry the Only Way to Confront a Dental Emergency?

Jan 01, 2021

Dental emergencies are never easy to confront as they bring upon you stress and anxiety and leave you wondering how to get the treatment you need immediately. You may search for emergency dentistry in Austin but refrain from visiting the dental professional, thinking they may charge exorbitant prices because they offer services beyond office hours or holidays.

If you don’t want to visit the dentist in Austin but are facing a dental issue from an impact to your mouth, you can undoubtedly with your regular dentist if they are available. If they don’t work beyond office hours or treat patients on holidays visiting an emergency dentist near you will be the only option if you value your teeth. Leaving the dental issue untreated will cost you more than just the prices of the services you pay the dentist. You may require investments in tooth replacement solutions or other intensive and expensive treatments coupled with multiple appointments to dentists’ offices, all adding up to a considerable sum. Therefore when you are confronting a dental issue, the better option would be to seek help from an emergency dentist to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Why Are Emergency Dentistry Services Needed?

You would not need the services of an emergency dentist if you are in excellent oral health and have no issues bothering you. The fact that you require emergency dentistry services indicates something is wrong in your mouth either by way of an injury or infections. When confronting such situations, you cannot worry about the higher prices charged by emergency dentists. After all, they provide invaluable services to preserve your tooth or prevent infections in your mouth from spreading. When you have a dental issue concerning you without your regular dentist being available, you mustn’t consider the dental problem is inconsequential. Still, you must get the treatment you need promptly from an emergency dentist.

Are All Dental Issues Emergencies?

Misconceptions may encourage you to think every dental issue is an emergency. However, it will be helpful to understand some problems like a lost filling or even a broken crown do not need prompt attention from an emergency dentist and can wait until you can schedule your appointment with your regular dentist for treatment.

You must not commit the error of neglecting to schedule the appointment with your dentist for having the filling replaced or a dental crown fixed. The vacant space from where you lost the filling is a breeding ground for bacteria, which begin feasting in their favorite place with gusto. Having the cavity filled as soon as possible should be your goal.

Leaving the broken crown untreated is a thought which may arise in your mind. However, you must understand the crown was placed to protect a damaged or weakened tooth, and leaving it exposed can break or fracture the tooth structure beneath the crown. Here again, you must get the treatment you need as soon as possible from a regular dentist.

Dental Infections

Sometimes, untreated dental infections like infected or inflamed pulp result in a dental abscess formation on your gums near the root of the tooth to cause discomfort, sensitivity, fever, and other issues. This is an issue that needs immediate attention from emergency dentistry in Austin, TX. You must not fear visiting the dentist to treat a dental abscess because the infection in your mouth can spread to other parts of your body and infect them to leave you with complications like heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, respiratory disease, and cancer. You wouldn’t want to be concerned with life-threatening conditions merely because you did not seek treatment from emergency dentistry in Austin, would you?

Your fears are compounded by the dentist when they inform you to either have root canal therapy to treat the infection within your tooth or have the tooth extracted and search for replacement solutions. Here again, the better option would be to undergo root canal therapy to preserve your natural tooth instead of opting for extraction as an easy way out.

Approximately 22 percent of Americans face dental emergencies every year, and most are visiting any professional in their vicinity instead of an emergency dentist near them. Emergency dentistry provides services similar to general dentists but makes the services available after all other professionals have shut shop for the day.

Emergency dentistry helps you alleviate pain and discomfort from a dental issue or even preserve your natural teeth if they are uprooted from their original position in your mouth. Emergency dentistry is the only way to confront a dental problem when your regular dentist isn’t available, and other medical professionals are prohibited from providing dental treatments. Your choice is evident with the rules governing these treatments. You can either take it from an emergency dentist when necessary or lose your tooth and a lot more if you decide to ignore this advice.

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