LifeTime Smiles Has The Best, Personable Dentist In Austin

Dec 11, 2015

One thing you’ll find at LifeTime Smiles that you’re not likely to find elsewhere is the wide breadth of knowledge our staff and Dr. Arzegar hold. The centers of our dental practice are education and prevention. It is through the analysis of a patient’s dental issue that we are able to see the root of the problem in order to provide full oral health care.

Dr. Arzegar and his team at LifeTime Smiles work together outside of the office to create a unique team culture. A team that can work together outside of the office is more likely to create a welcoming environment.


When you walk into our clinic, you’ll notice the positive energy flowing. This is the type of energy that many dental offices miss which just amplifies some of the normal anxiety that comes with going to the dentist. However, LifeTime Smiles is always, well, smiling for life! Our office is serene and relaxing, and we look forward to your visit.

Lifetime Team
What may be even more important than the comfort of the patient in the office is Dr. Arzegar’s knowledge of oral health and how to apply it to each patient. With specialized practice in pediatric, implantology, aesthetic, botox, and orthodontic procedures, Dr. Arzegar continues to build upon his general dentistry practice.
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