Options for Missing Teeth – Which is Right For You?

Aug 16, 2019

Missing teeth can be major issues for many. It not only disturbs the look but also makes it difficult for eating certain foods. In such cases, you must choose one of the excellent options available with the dentist at Austin for replacing the missing teeth.

Why replace missing teeth?

Replacement of missing teeth is essential. Missing teeth can create issues in chewing, speaking and eating. Further, it can also disturb your overall appearance. Replacing missing teeth is also important to maintain your overall dental health and hygiene.

Options for single or multiple missing teeth

There available so many replacement options for missing teeth and you may go with best as per your personal choice. Depending on your conditions, dentist at Austin TX can suggest following replacement procedures:

  • Implants – This is an artificial root replacement procedure which can be placed in the jaw bone with porcelain crown.
  • Fixed bridges – In this procedure, row of artificial teeth are used to provide bond to surrounding teeth.
  • Dentures – In this procedure, entire arch of teeth, upper or lower can be replaced successfully.

Each of this is designed as per individual patient need to achieve better replacement results.

Dental Implants:

Implants are the best replacement options as it can restore functionality and appearance of teeth. It can help bone loss.

Fixed bridges:

A fixed bridge is another best replacement option which can ensure the appearance and functioning of natural teeth. When bridge is obtained by expert dentist in Austin, it is possible to set it permanently without any worry of slippage.


Dentures are least expensive option in cases when all the upper or lower teeth need replacement. Dentist at 78745 makes sure that dentures are made with modern materials to make it look natural and help function just like your own teeth.

The choice is yours!

From among so many restorative options, you must choose the one which suits your budget and requirement. To know the best solution for you, visit the dentist near you.

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