Our Top Priority Is Your Beautiful Smile

Feb 10, 2016

There are many times in life when it’s handy to have a beautiful smile ready to shine. Are you courting someone you fancy? Do you have a new job interview in your future? How high is your level of happiness? These are three scenarios where you’ll be glad you have a bright white, straight, pearly smile. Not too many people are naturally gifted with this perfect smile, but that’s where we, the cosmetic dentistry experts at Lifetime Smiles, come into play. Your beautiful smile is one of our highest priorities.

Can a great smile land you a perfect date or that new job of your dreams?

If you’ve had your eye on someone that you’d like to make your companion, flash them a smile. Culturally, a smile is a simple greeting that is a sign of friendliness and success, two things that many people admire in a mate or dream of in an employee. A recent study by Kelton for Invisalign states that a straight, full smile leads to a strong first impression. The study says, “The alignment of teeth is a catalyst for assumptions regarding popularity, intelligence, and general health.” You can count on us for Invisalign or other cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you make a great dating impression.

How is your happiness?

The natural movement when you’re happy is to smile and laugh. And those two things are sure to show off your pearly whites, but what if you don’t have a smile that you want to flash? Chances are you’re not likely to smile frequently. A Forbes article from a few years back tells us that smiles can work in the opposite way, as well. If you’re not having a pleasant day, simply smile – even if you’re faking it. The act of using your facial muscles to smile stimulates the brain activity to reduce stress and bring on a happier mood. Smiling should be pleasant and constant.

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