Out And About With Braces

Dec 24, 2013

You’re probably not surprised to hear that your orthodontic treatment need not require major lifestyle changes. But braces do create some additional hazards and necessary care. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind to make your orthodontic treatment smoother (and straighter!).Austin TX Dentistry - Out And About With Braces


Don’t worry, no need to quit the team! Braces wearers are still fully capable of competing in sports with the same level of intensity they did before. However, to prevent any sort of unwanted injury consider the following:

  • Invest in a mouthguard. There are several types of the market that can protect efficiently. Choose one that you like and are thus more likely to wear. If you’re having trouble with fit, buy a melt-and-mold type that forms to fit your mouth.

  • If you happen to suffer an injury, immediately check your orthodontic gear to make sure that nothing has been knocked loose or moved.


The one thing you probably don’t want on your teeth are metal nets that grab, catch and hold on to food particles. Good thing you got braces!

  • While dentists recommend brushing twice a day, the braces life is a different life. While in braces try to brush after every meal. If this isn’t possible look into purchasing some small, transportable mini brushes or flossers that you can use after meals. The idea is that food is much more likely to become stuck to your teeth while in braces and like always, can cause bacteria buildup and other negative side effects.

  • Flossing can be hard with braces, but is also all the more necessary!


It’s not the most intense pain you’ll probably experience in your life, but the pain that accompanies orthodontic treatment can be obnoxious. Here are some tips for dealing with it that don’t include crying:

  • Have over the counter pain medication with you on hand. You never know when those wires are going to kick into gear and start making some big moves. It also helps to take some in anticipation of the discomfort that will follow an adjustment appointment.

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