Protect Your Teeth This Holiday Season

Dec 14, 2016

The holidays are coming up, they’re right around the corner. Soon enough, they’ll be here, and your home will be filled with the smells of baking cookies and cooking ham and more people than can actually fit inside. You’re probably busy shopping and preparing your home to host family members or preparing to pack to go visit friends, which means the last thing on your mind is oral health. However, oral health is just as important as packing the three different pies you made for dessert or the five different outfits you can’t decide between for Christmas. Take some time to look over our list of oral health precautions to ensure you don’t develop a cavity over the holiday season. If you find yourself needing general dentistry from a professional dentist, contact us to make an appointment.


The first way to avoid getting a cavity and ruining your perfect, beautiful smile this holiday season is by creating a routine. Create a routine for you, your family members, and your kids by making sure to brush when you wake up and before you go to bed. The best practice is to brush three times a day for two minutes each after every time you eat. However, we’re realistic, and you probably can only squeeze two times in, but make sure it’s at least for two minutes a piece. Don’t just create this routine for the holiday season either; take the time to do this all year round, or perhaps even make this a New Year’s Resolution and begin a routine of brushing twice a day with great toothpaste for two minutes each time.


Again, this is something you should probably do during the entire year instead of just the holiday season. Water is a great way to avoid sugary drinks, decrease your hunger, rejuvenate your skin, and stay hydrated. Around the holidays, you probably indulge yourself in drinks and food that you usually try to stay away from. The holiday season is generally a time of the year that gives you a pass at eating, drinking, and doing things you generally try to avoid. When you take the time to drink water, you’re staying away from all of the sugar you can consume during Christmas dinner. In addition, drinking water will help you stay hydrated, decrease your thirst, and help your teeth flourish.


Feeling hunger as you clean? Are those cookies calling to you? Remember, you’re going to consume more sugar on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day then you really want to think about, so stay away from snacking on cookies and other yummy treats by snacking on healthy foods. Instead of sucking on that candy cane or nibbling on a gingerbread man, munch on some carrots as you clean, cook, and ready the house for your guests. When you eat carrots, you’ll be able to maintain your oral health and feel good.

Moderation Is Key

Everything in moderation, even if it is the holiday season. Don’t overdo it on the sweets and sugar; instead, look at all the desserts and pick small amounts of a few or have one large item. Remember that even though it’s a pass for eating unhealthy during the holidays, you’ll still have to face your dentist (and your waistline) come the new year.

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