Scientists Develop Oral Burn Relieving Strip

Oct 24, 2013

Pizza puts you in quite a predicament: it’s delicious, you’re hungry and it’s hot. Too hot. The roof of your mouth is often what takes Austin Dentist -Scientists Develop Oral Burn Relieving Stripthe beating (or should I say the burning). That bubbly, melted cheese presses right into it and suddenly nothing, not even the goodness of pizza, is worth what follows. Burning your mouth or your tongue on hot foods and drinks is probably something you haven’t stopped doing completely no matter how many times you’ve done it before. You misjudge the temperature of an item or your mouth’s own resilience. Accordingly it’s something you probably plan to have to deal with again. But what if there were a quick fix?

Soothing Strip

Scientists have developed a medicated, dissolvable, oral strip that will help relieve the pain that comes with burning your mouth. The strip is meant to be applied directly to the burn, dissolves within seconds and relieves pain and promotes healing after doing so. The ingredient benzocaine is released upon the strip’s dissolve. The strip also has a small amount of a numbing agent that relieves the sufferer of pain. All of the ingredients used to make the strip are relatively inexpensive. Although testing on humans has not yet begun, scientists hope to market the strip to relieve oral pizza burns forever!

Take Care Of Your Mouth

Until the strip is released and available, follow these tips for soothing oral burns:

  • With most oral burns keeping something cool, like a popsicle or icecube, on the burn can help relieve the pain.

  • It can also be helpful, if the pain of the burn is more intense, to take an over the counter pain reliever.

  • If the burn seems at all serious and involves a lot of blistering or any bleeding you should immediately call and see a doctor.

  • You can rub a numbing ointment onto the burn to temporarily relieve the pain. Cough drops that have menthol in them can also help in numbing.

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