The Benefits of Anesthesia

Sep 21, 2015

General anesthesia is first and foremost aimed at reducing otherwise unavoidable pain for dental procedures. But the benefits of utilizing a sedation anesthetic for dental procedures extend beyond pain-relief:


General anesthetics work quickly. It only takes a minute or two to prepare a patient for a procedure demanding sedation dentistry. Plus, anesthesia is easy to recover from, and though you’ll feel groggy for an hour or so, you’ll be back to normal soon!


Many patients have anxiety about dental procedures. It’s not only normal, it’s common! Knowing that your dentist will be utilizing a general anesthetic during your procedure will help you reduce anxiety over the upcoming event. Take all of the anxiety out of your dental procedures by opting for general anesthetics.

Smoother Procedures

Certain procedures are easier to perform while a patient is in a sleep state. Since general anesthesia places you in this sleep-like state, many surgeries and procedures that may be a struggle due to pain, are simple and easy. Moreover, some surgeries can be rather time-consuming. With a general anesthetic, long procedures are over in a snap – at least for the patient. You’ll simply experience falling asleep and waking up. Your procedure is completed in the meantime.

Remember, sedation dentistry and general anesthesia are different than using local anesthetics during a procedure. Sedation dentistry places the patient in a sleep like state – a state where they cannot feel pain. In a procedure using local anesthesia, a numbing agent is used on a small, specific region of the oral cavity.

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