Sedation Dentistry Is A Great Option For Elderly Patients

May 31, 2016

As we age, it becomes increasingly important for us to see a dentist regularly. After all, our dental health can say a lot about our overall health. While visiting your dentist twice a year and practicing good dental hygiene is important, many elderly people skip their visits because they’re afraid or have anxiety. Fortunately, Lifetime Smiles offers a variety of options for sedation dentistry in Austin for those who have anxiety when having dental procedures performed.

Sedation Dentistry For Elderly Patients

Here at Lifetime Smiles, we offer a variety of levels of sedation dentistry. Whether you simply need some laughing gas to ease your anxiety or you need full anesthesia provided by our in-house anesthesiologist, we have an option for you.

Standard Laughing Gas

In general, dentists usually prefer to administer sedation dentistry for the elderly through laughing gas. This method involves the dentist placing a small mask over your nose and mouth, and then releasing small amounts of odorless nitrous oxide and oxygen gas into the mask. This gas will make you feel relaxed and calm, and allow the dentist to perform the dental procedure with little to no anxiety for you.

Oral Sedation

This is another common method dentists use for elderly patients. You only need to take a pill, and you will experience the same side effects as laughing gas. This is ideal for patients who prefer to take a pill rather than having a mask placed over their face.

Lifetime Smiles Offers Sedation Options For Patients Of All Ages

No matter how old you are, if you’re at least a little bit anxious about going to the dentist’s office, you aren’t alone. While there’s nothing to be afraid of at our office, we understand your fears and anxieties. In addition to helping you with your dental anxiety, our sedation dentistry allows us to give you a higher quality of dental care in a shorter amount of time while providing a higher level of safety for more involved dental procedures.

Looking for a dentist but feeling anxious about making an appointment? call us today and speak to us about our sedation dentistry. We’re here to help!

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