See What Our Patients Have To Say About Lifetime Smiles Dentist In Austin

Jan 15, 2016

As a modern dentist in Austin, we make it our mission to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience. We are very aware that many people don’t like to visit the dentist. That’s because many offices are boring, unwelcoming, and sometimes frightening. Dr. A and the whole team at Lifetime Smiles makes sure we have the exact opposite of what was just described. The good news is that you don’t have to take our word for it; check out this video of our patients giving their testimonials. Then, click here to take a photo tour of the office.

One patient says, “They started out the visit by giving me a tour of the office.” You’re welcome in our office, and not just as a limited visitor who goes directly from the waiting room to the dental chair, and out of the building. All new patients receive a tour upon arrival so you know where to find anything that you may need.

Another patient shares gratitude of a distraction, “When you’re sitting in the chair instead of just staring at the ceiling, it’s nice to kind of distract yourself with watching the TV.” There’s no need to try and entertain your thoughts with daydreaming. Our hygienists recognize that it’s nearly impossible to carry on conversation during the cleaning or checkup, so you can count on the TV above you in the dental chair.

Watch the video to see what everyone else has to say.

We look forward to your first or next visit at Lifetime Smiles Dentist in Austin, Texas.

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