Dental Bridges in Austin,TX

Dental Bridges in Austin,TX

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be looking for a solution to replace them. After all, they can be not just unattractive, but uncomfortable and can hinder your enjoyment of food. One effective solution is a dental bridge, a fixed dental prosthetic that bridges a gap of one or more consecutive teeth. It consists of the false tooth/teeth, called the pontic, which is anchored in place to the abutment teeth. All you have to do to begin with is find a dental bridges dentist near you that can provide you with a quality dental bridge to fully restore your smile in Austin.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges can:

  • Restore the appearance of a smile
  • Restore the ability to chew and speak properly
  • Prevent the remaining teeth from shifting out of position
  • Maintain the shape of the face
  • Help to distribute biting forces properly


There are three types of bridges. Your dentist in South Austin, at Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry will consider the location of the gap in your teeth to determine the best type for your specific case.

To have a dental bridge placed, you will need to visit the dentist in at least two separate appointments. During the first appointment, the abutment teeth that will support the bridge will be prepared by being shaved down a portion in order to make room to fit a crown. Impressions of the prepared teeth and gap will then be taken to have the bridge (pontic and crowns) made in a dental laboratory. To protect the prepared teeth and gums while waiting for the bridge to be made, a temporary bridge will be placed.

Once the permanent bridge is complete, you will return to your dentist in South Austin to have it placed. The temporary bridge will be removed and the placement and fit of the permanent bridge will be checked. Adjustments will be made, if needed, before the bridge is cemented into place. Dental bridges can be expected to last at least five years. With proper care, they can last over 10 years before a replacement is needed.

If you are ready to replace missing teeth in your mouth, contact Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin to discuss the option of having a dental bridge made. Additionally, book an appointment with your dentist in Carrell Oaks for additional information and related services.

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