Dental Fillings in Austin, TX

Dental Fillings in Austin, TX

When you have an appointment to go in to have a cavity filled, it is because part of a tooth or many teeth that have been damaged either by wearing away, trauma, or decay. If the tooth can be restored by using a filling it will help in preserving the tooth and prevent damage to that tooth in the future.

Who Needs Dental Fillings in Austin?

Fillings are used to repair cavities – the areas of the decayed tooth that has been caused by bacteria. Your dentist will get rid of the rotten areas of the tooth and then fill the hole he just made with a filling. It will stop the decaying process from going any further, keep your tooth strong and make it resistant to any further damage like chips and cracks. Some of the signs you might notice for a cavity that needs filling is:

  • The tooth is sensitive and hurts when cold and hot foods or beverages pass over it
  • There are a continual, dull toothaches
  • You may notice a brown or black spot on your tooth
  • Bad breath that will not leave after you have brushed your teeth
  • Sharp pain when biting down on that tooth

Keep in mind that the symptoms above are not always caused by a cavity.

In some cases, a cavity will not cause any symptoms until it is in the later stages. Dr. Arzegar, dentist in South Austin, will x-ray, laser, and check for pinhole cavities before they can cause you any pain. At this point, it is the best time to fill those cavities before they start causing you pain and save the integrity of your tooth.

There are other reasons that fillings are used besides cavities. For instance, if you happen to chip a tooth the dentist might be able to repair the chip by using dental fillings. Some patients are teeth grinders that will eventually wear their tooth enamel down so much that they need dental fillings to prevent any further damage.

If you bite your nails or open packages with your teeth, it can cause wear of your tooth enamel and cause chips that will need to be repaired with a filling. The dentist in Carrell Oaks state that even though dental filling is not a difficult procedure it is imperative that the patient takes care of the teeth both before and after the treatment.

Composite Resin

The composite fillings of resin are created from a special epoxy material that includes silica and ceramic for the strength. The composite resin can be colored to blend in with your other teeth, and this makes it a popular choice for your front teeth and some of the other areas that show when you smile.

The dentist will not need to take out as much of your tooth when he/she uses composite filling but must remove more when using metal filling. Most of the time your dentist is going to recommend composite for your larger fillings. There seems to be one drawback to the composite, and it is they don’t last as long as the metals. With composite, they must be replaced about every ten years.


Porcelain filling is also called inlays. They cost more than any of the other fillings, but they last longer than the composite. The porcelain is used more for abraded or worn teeth rather than for fillings.

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