Sinus Lifts in Austin,TX

Sinus Lifts in Austin,TX

Are you considering getting dental implants, but were surprised when your oral surgeon told you that you might need sinus lift surgery first? What exactly is sinus lift surgery and why is it necessary? What is the process of getting sinus lifts like? At Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin, we have treated many patients before and after receiving dental implants and Sinus lifts in Austin. We’re here to help you find the answers to your questions. Let’s get started.

Why Sinus Lifts? Details from the Sinus Lifts Dentist Near You

A sinus lift is done when your periodontist sees that the bone quality and quantity in your jaw isn’t sufficient to support implants or the sinus is too close to the jaw for implants to be successfully placed. There are various reasons for this, such as:

  • The teeth in the upper back of the jaw, such as molars, need to be replaced. Because of the natural formation of the skull, the back upper jaw naturally has less bone than the lower and frontal jaw.
  • Bone loss due to gum disease.
  • Bone shrinkage after tooth loss.
  • The maxillary sinus widening with age or just naturally being positioned too close to the upper jaw.

How Are Sinus Lifts Performed? Sinus Lift Surgery in South Austin

Sinus lift surgery performed by the dentist in South Austin acts to raise the sinus floor to allow for the development of new bone. The most common way to do this involves cutting a flap in the gum tissue in the back of the mouth in order to expose the bone. Then a small window is opened in the bone to allow access to the sinus. The small membrane that separates the jaw from the sinus is gently moved aside and several millimeters of bone graft material harvested from your body, a cadaver, or a bovine donor is inserted into the space where the sinus was. The tissue is then closed with stitches. You will have to wait 6 to 9 months for the graft to take and the tissues to heal before your dental implants can be placed.

If you have questions about the sinus lift surgery and live near Austin, call us today at Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule a consultation. with our dentist in South Austin or dentist in South Austin.

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