TMJ / TMD Treatment in Austin,TX

TMJ / TMD Treatment in Austin,TX

Have you ever had jaw pain that hasn’t gone away? Do you suffer from clicking and tension of your jawbone? You may have TMJ or TMD. If you’ve never heard of these disorders, keep reading for further information.

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What Are They?

TMD and TMJ can be painful jaw issues that cause tension or pressure pain in your head. If you suffer from this type of pain you may have one of these disorders. TMJ, otherwise known as your temporomandibular joint, is the culprit of your pain. If your jaw joint has any problems, the joint that is affected is the TMJ. When you refer to TMD, this means temporomandibular joint disorder, which refers to the actual pain and disorder caused by the joint. If you suffer from these make sure to schedule and early appointment with a professional dentist near you for TMJ and TMD treatment in Austin.

Start with finding a TMJ and TMD dentist near you followed by taking a complete treatment plan for you.

How Are They Tested – TMJ and TMD Treatment in South Austin, TX

You can treat your TMJ and TMD pain in various ways. If you have symptoms, it is vital to speak with your dentist about your concerns. They can help you identify the best course of action to take in solving your pain. If it is determined you need some form of treatment, there are multiple options for a solution. While TMJ pain may go away by itself you shouldn’t suffer through the pain. The most common treatment plans of TMJ and TMD include using medicine like pain relievers and muscle relaxants, physical therapy, or surgical procedure. Your course of action depends on the pain and severity of your TMJ, so remember to schedule an appointment with your dentist in South Austin to discuss all of your options.

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If you are tired of suffering from TMJ and TMD pain, consult your dentist at Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin as soon as possible. It is not fun to live with pain, and you deserve treatment. Make sure to discuss your pain with your dentist to ensure the appropriate course of action!

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