Straighten Your Smile In Just 6 Months

Dec 04, 2015

There are many viable reasons you may want to improve your smile. Teeth tend to grow unpredictably. They can grow crookedly and unevenly. Some teeth may not grow at all, ever. Yet in today’s society, it’s a social norm to have a straight, white, beautiful smile. Smiling leads to happiness (it’s scientifically proven), and one may be less inclined to smile because of a mouthful of mismatched, uneven teeth. There’s no need to sacrifice your happiness because you don’t have the confidence to spread your grin. Instead of continuing to hide your unique smile, consider treatment with cosmetic dentistry in Austin at Lifetime Smiles.

Introducing Six Month Smiles

The six month smiles program at Lifetime Smiles is a quick, less noticeable, and more affordable way to wear braces to straighten your teeth. It’s a well-liked procedure for adults and older adolescents who are looking for a simpler method for orthodontics. All patients are going to be different. Each mouth is unique, so Dr. Arzegar customizes each six month smile treatment to be successful for each patient. All six month smile treatments begin with an evaluation of your bite and the organization of a plan to meet your smile goals, needs, and budget.

Many orthodontic procedures can take many years to achieve the desired results. We spell out the amount of time this treatment takes in the program name: six months. However, let’s put it on the record that six months is the average for this program. Some teeth can be very flexible and you may be done prior to six months while others may take a bit longer.

Traditional braces are created with metal brackets and wires. Six month smiles uses clear brackets and braces, making it a great option for adult and older adolescent treatment as it is more inconspicuous.

Finally, since the treatment is only six months, it is more affordable because the treatment is simply shorter.

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