Study Released On Cosmetic Dentistry And Happiness

Dec 16, 2013

Study Conditions

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A study done by researchers at King’s College in London observed the relationship between aesthetic dentistry and happiness. The results echo what you’ve probably been told for years: beauty doesn’t ensure happiness.

60 participants received personalized dental work to enhance and improve their appearance. They took a body satisfaction assessment before their work began and after it was completed. They also took a personality type test to identify their personal characteristics and tendencies.


Regardless of the treatment they received, or the amount of difference it made, people who considered themselves and identified themselves as happy prior their treatment were happier upon the completion of the procedure. They were markedly more satisfied with the results of their treatments. Participants who reported neurotic tendencies during their personality assessment, were more likely to express dissatisfaction with their treatments no matter the amount of improvement it made in their appearance.

From this researchers determined it is beneficial to “start any aesthetic dental treatment with the highest level of self-satisfaction as possible.” Researchers also noted that no matter the level of self-satisfaction, neuroticism is likely to affect the amount of happiness experienced following a cosmetic procedure. Happiness starts with you!

If you’re feeling well-off enough and believe a cosmetic procedure would help improve your self-satisfaction and have you smiling a little more often consider the following treatments:

  • teeth whitening

  • gum reduction

  • Invisalign

  • veneers

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