The Best Way to Whiten Teeth, No Charcoal Required

Jul 16, 2019

An array of dental product comes with the formula of activated charcoal. They claim to be a perfect solution for teeth whitening. The awareness of activated charcoal has made it used widely in various segments. There has always been a debate among this among expert dentist. Charcoal does have some application in health and medications but they never claim to have benefits for dental issues. It is because of this reason that dentist in Austin suggests patient to visit the clinic before actually using such products for teeth cleaning.

Home teeth whitening techniques:

Dentist in Austin TX suggests that there available many techniques and ways with which one can whiten teeth right at home.

  • Often, whitening products are applied on a mouth guard or a tray and then it is placed over teeth. The teeth then soaked this whitener.
  • There available whitener which may contain adhesive sticks that can stick to the surface of the teeth.
  • Whiteners are available in the form of a thick gel which can directly be painted over teeth.

These solutions which act as teeth whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide or carbon peroxide which has been long used for oral health issues. These chemicals which successfully address oral issues must only be used as per direction mentioned on the product. It is strictly suggested by dentist at 78745 to follow the instruction.

It is sad that people believe that if little can do well more can be better but on the contrary excess of any of this product can cause severe damage to teeth. They ignore instruction and thus end up damaging their own teeth with its prolonged use or using them in more quantity.

Many teeth whitening products that claim to clean the teeth with charcoal are not effective. There is no scientific evidence of the benefits of activated charcoal for teeth whitening. It may have an adverse effect on teeth gum that can even eradicate the tooth enamel. To know more about this you may consult dentist near you.

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