The Effects Of Using Different Types Of Sedation Dentistry In Austin

Jan 20, 2016

Our previous blog talked about a few of the different types of sedation dentistry we offer our patients. That blog focused on the sedation techniques themselves (laughing gas, anxiety medication, and general anesthesia), and today’s blog is focusing on the effects our Austin patients may feel when using sedation dentistry.

Depending on the level of sedation you undertake, the release effects will differ. For example, laughing gas causes less effects on the body than general anesthesia. Let’s look further into the differences your body may feel when participating in sedation dentistry.

Laughing Gas

During a treatment in which patients use laughing gas, the patient’s head may feel light and happy. The effects are slight and calm. Just like it takes a few breaths of laughing gas to feel the effects of the nitrous oxide, it only takes a few breaths of fresh air after the removal of laughing gas to regain a normal state of mind.

Anxiety Medication

The happy pills have longer lasting effects than laughing gas. Patients remain in an awake state during the procedure but feel more calm and relaxed than with the laughing gas. The strength of the medication causes confusion or temporary memory loss in some patients, which may not be a bad thing if you don’t want to remember the oral treatment in the first place. Please bring a companion with you to any sedation dentistry treatments using anxiety medication because you should not drive after taking this type of medication.

General Anesthesia

Since the administration of general anesthesia is intravenous, the effects are almost instant. Adding medication directly to the blood stream increases the effectiveness of the drug on the brain. General anesthesia means you are unconscious during the procedure, whether it’s a sleep-like state or hypnotic state. Like the anxiety medication, if you choose to undergo general anesthesia, please prepare a safe ride home. Some patients feel nauseous or confused when waking from general anesthesia, so our certified technicians monitor our patients closely before sending them home unprepared.

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