The Importance of Having Well-Aligned Teeth

Oct 01, 2022

How important is it to have well-aligned teeth? You might realize the value of proper alignment of your teeth and the benefits you can derive from them if you are affected by the misalignment of your teeth, affecting your smile and self-esteem. On the other hand, you might face challenges cleaning your teeth and gums to become a victim of infections in your mouth that require frequent treatments from the dentist near me, costing you an arm and a leg. As a victim of teeth misalignment, wouldn’t you find it beneficial to research ways to overcome your challenges instead of brooding about the issue?

You might wonder why you should consider spending thousands on receiving orthodontic treatment to correct your misaligned teeth when they are merely causing you to visit your dentist frequently for treatments. However, have you considered how the condition affecting you costs more money than you imagine simply because you cannot brush and floss your teeth to maintain dental hygiene appropriately? If not, listen to how aligned teeth benefit you when you seek help from an Invisalign dentist near you to remove your situation.

Aligned Teeth Equals Clear and Improve Speech

You might never have realized that your misaligned teeth cause you to mumble and make your speech inherent to your friends and family members. It is a familiar problem with people confronting misalignments with their teeth and encountering challenges when speaking.

You might think the problem with your speech will correct itself without treatment. Unfortunately, can you risk losing a vital career prospect or embarrassing yourselves in an important meeting because you cannot speak or be heard clearly? If not, you must understand that the help you seek from the Invisalign dentist brings you a suggestion to get your teeth aligned to acquire freedom from the problem confronting you.

Aligned Teeth Prevent Gum Disease

Having well-aligned teeth also has health benefits that prevent you from becoming a victim of a severe dental infection, gingivitis which silently progresses to periodontitis, a gum disease with severe consequences. Not only does this condition require lifelong maintenance, but it might also impose additional expenditure on you to replace missing teeth because of jawbone deterioration. You become a victim of this condition because your misaligned teeth don’t permit you to brush and floss appropriately to remove dental plaque on your teeth and below the gum line.

Dental plaque hardens into tartar within 48 hours, making it essential for you to receive professional cleaning from a dentist. Hardened tartar eventually results in gum disease that needs lifelong maintenance unless treated in its earliest stages. However, if you decide to make corrections to the misalignment in your mouth by getting Invisalign in South Austin, TX, the treatment helps you prevent gum disease by providing you freedom from this infection, making the task of cleaning your teeth and gums comfortable and convenient.

While crooked and misaligned teeth don’t allow you to maintain appropriate dental hygiene, aligned teeth work in the reverse direction to help you combat all the problems you encounter head-on.

Why Invisalign to Correct the Misalignments?

When researching treatments to improve orthodontic imperfections, you might notice teenagers and children have metal wires and brackets in their mouths to improve similar problems. The metal appliances are the gold standard to correct misalignments and require three years or more to complete treatment.

If you aren’t in favor of having a mouthful of metal, alternatives are also available to help you achieve your goal of having well-aligned teeth discreetly using the Invisalign system for approximately six to 18 months, depending on the complexity of your orthodontic situation.

Invisalign doesn’t require metal brackets or wires in your mouth, providing a series of transparent aligners that help correct mildly or moderately misaligned teeth comfortably and conveniently. Invisalign system is a therapy specifically designed for adults who couldn’t or didn’t receive these treatments during childhood and currently confront dental issues affecting their health and self-confidence.

Invisalign treatment is the most comfortable orthodontic therapy to correct your dental imperfections, provide freedom from gum disease, or manage mumbling words instead of speaking clearly. In return, the system requires you to wear the transparent aligners over your teeth for about 22 hours every day and remove them only for eating and drinking. You can also maintain appropriate dental hygiene whenever you remove the aligners over your teeth, ensuring that you return them soon after.

Depending on your unique situation, the realization of how well-aligned teeth are essential to lead a healthy and happy life will dawn upon you in six months or more, helping you continue life without worrying about mumbling words or remaining concerned about gum disease. Therefore you must try to put such concerns at the back of your mind and decide to get your misaligned teeth straightened as soon as possible from the dentist nearby and benefit from the treatment.

Lifetime Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry can help you with your effort to have aligned teeth by providing Invisalign in South Austin. If you think you must overcome the challenges, we recommend you contact this cosmetic dentistry facility today to start planning your treatment to have aligned teeth.

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