The Meaning Of Different Smiles

Jul 06, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it means when you receive a smile while walking the halls at work or while sitting in your car at a light? What about analyzing those smiles with that special someone who you see at the local cafe or while eating tacos at one of your favorite restaurants? A smile is a great way to greet someone enthusiastically, especially when you have beautiful pearly white teeth. Getting a smile in return may make you feel warm, comfortable, and invited to engage with someone. A smile is also a great first impression and an unspoken message that you’d like to interact with someone. Having shiny, gorgeous teeth is always a benefit to smiling and will allow you to grin much more often. By visiting a dentist regularly, you won’t have to feel self-conscious about smiling at a passerby or flashing those teeth when you see that special someone at the coffee shop.

The Hidden Meaning Of Your Smile

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the different meanings of smiles you may receive. A smile is a smile; however, there are hidden meanings in them. When you smile, you usually want to encourage warm, positive emotions, and an interaction that can be an enthusiastic outcome. Sometimes specific smiles don’t ignite those feelings. We’ll focus on the different meanings in a smile and what you may be saying without actually saying anything.

Turn-Away Smile

The turn-away smile is a smile that is enchanting and tentative. When you flash this smile, you’re saying that you’re mysterious and trying to win someone over. Actresses, public speakers, and most women incorporate the turn-away smile into their lifestyle because it’s hard to resist. The smile is coy and a sign that you want to welcome the attention of others, but also keep them at arm’s distance. It’s a smile that means to captivate the interest of others with playfulness. Overall, this smile is actually a hybrid because it shows you want someone to notice you; however, the slight turned away motion demonstrates you are evasive.

Drop-Jaw Smile

You’ll notice this smile with a lot of people who speak publically such as politicians and celebrities. It’s a smile that shows you are trying to relate to the audience and it depicts the importance of what you’re trying to get across. This smile is an exaggeration of the jaw being lowered and demonstrates to others that you understand humor. The smile means to draw amusement from the audience while trying to get rid of the boundary between you to show there are no differences.

Tight-Lipped Smile

This smile is different than a closed-lip smile because your lips stretch across your unexposed teeth. This smile demonstrates a secret. Whether the secret is certain thoughts, attitudes, or opinions, this smile is made for mystery. Additionally, it is also a sign of rejection of people when you would rather remain silent and perplexing rather than say anything.

Genuine Smile

The genuine smile is our favorite because it shows three attributes. One, you’re happy. Two, you’re honest about the emotions you’re feeling. Three, you’re encouraging others to smile back at you. This smile is unconscious and will generally encourage other people to respond to you warmly.

If you’re feeling self conscious about your smile, then take the time to come visit our dentist in Austin. We look forward to giving you the grin you’ve always wanted to share with others!

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