The Power Of A Beautiful Smile

Jul 20, 2017

In The Meaning Of Different Smiles, we went over the hidden meanings of smiles and how they can affect others around you. Now, we’re going to dive into the sunny entrenches of the power of a beautiful smile. As a dentist, we want everyone who comes to us to wear a beautiful, engaging smile. From youngsters to our older patients, we try to give everyone a reason to smile and show those pearly whites. If you’re feeling a little self-conscious about your own smile, then perhaps it’s time to check in with your dentist to see how we can make you flash your sparkling teeth with confidence.

The Benefits Of A Wonderful Smile

No one should feel like they need to smile all of the time, but flashing your teeth once in awhile will likely gain you a pleasant greeting and a grin in return. Smiling is a greeting that you can use all over the world. If you’re in Thailand and toss out a smile to others, then you’ll notice that you get the same friendly ‘hello’ in return. Not only is smiling great for meeting and greeting, but it’s also fantastic for your own health and building relationships with others. Who knew that grinning could be so wondrous? If you’re not one who likes to smile or you feel uncomfortable smiling due to dental issues, then take a few minutes to learn why flashing a grin every now and again can help you.

You Become More Attractive

One way you can benefit from a grin is by becoming more attractive. The experts have deduced that people view others as more attractive when they smile. When you smile, people want to get to know you. If you’ve tried to become more attractive, then all you need to do is open your mouth, show your teeth, and allow your eyes to sparkle. Smiling allows you to demonstrate a happier side, which is much more flattering than a sad or mad expression. No one wants to approach someone who is wearing a scowl, but when you smile you’re showing that you’re genuinely laid back, happy, and charismatic, which are attractive qualities.

Smiling Makes You Healthy

Did you know that smiling is good for your wellbeing? From a stress reducer to an immune system strengthener, smiling will give your body a boost of happiness to match your grin. The health benefits of beaming are pretty straightforward. According to research, smiling adds seven years to your life. You’ll also reduce your blood pressure, anxiety, and your stress levels because the neuropeptides that are released when you grin. Smiling also reduces pain and aggression. Furthermore, it makes you more content and successful. Lastly, due to HGH production that’s boosted when you smile, your immune system is stronger and you have a reduced risk of getting cancer.

Smiling Allows You To Harbor Relationships

The last benefit of smiling is that you harbor relationships much easier. Smiling is a warm greeting that makes you much more approachable. Those who don’t smile may seem off putting or standoffish to others. By grinning, you indicate you want to be around people and create a healthy, lasting relationship. A smile will go a long way to welcoming someone without needing to say the words. Body language, especially when you first meet someone, is vital and a gorgeous smile will help others think that you’re a positive person they want to get to know.

No one should feel doubtful about a glistening grin, which is why you can come visit a dentist to ensure you feel fantastic about your teeth.

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